Comprehensive Evaluations (Office, Travel  or  Telepractice)

A comprehensive evaluation is a great option for both local and out-of town families.  Standardized and/or non-standardized measures of specific aspects of speech, spoken and non-spoken language, cognitive-communication, and swallowing function, including observations and analysis of work samples can be completed. The formal detailed report written after an evaluation specifies results of this testing, each treatment objective and activity with  instructions tailored to the client’s needs.  This is extremely helpful for other therapists or caregivers who may be implementing the activities in the home setting.  During the evaluation, the therapist will review the clients medical and developmental history, presenting concerns and current therapy routines, if applicable.  The client’s sensory reactions, auditory processing, oral motor abilities, feeding habits and communication style will be assessed.  Areas of deficit will be identified and a treatment protocol developed.    A formal report, including results and all treatment activities, will be delivered to the client in 7 -14 days.  Caregivers and treating therapists are always encouraged and welcome to attend with the client.

Consultation  (Office, Travel  or  Telepractice)

Families and local therapists are trained during the client’s appointment on how to complete the treatment objectives and activities in the home setting for a certain period of time. This period of time is determined as a team based on location, team member qualifications, childs rate of progress, childs level of functioning, family budget and team availability.  The therapist will demonstrate all treatment activities and provide those in attendance with hands-on learning opportunities throughout the consultation.  A full detailed report is delivered to client in 1 – 7 days later. This document serves as a resource to the client’s program with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the treatment activities, information on when to move on to the next activity, and behavior recommendations for encouraging the client’s motivation and participation. Between consultations families and team members are able to contact Elissa AT ANY TIME with updates, questions, or comments as your child progresses.

1:1 Treatment 

The therapist will provide direct therapy to the child 1:1 while demonstrating all treatment activities  to those in attendance and  with hands-on learning opportunities available throughout the session.  A formal report, including results and all treatment activities, will be delivered to the client within 24 hours.  A therapy session is a 30-60 min session where treatment objectives are addressed.   Frequency of therapy sessions varies for each client.  The frequency of service will be determined based on the client’s need, implementation of activities by other therapists, and/or availability. Caregivers and treating therapists are always encouraged and welcome to attend with the client. 

Telephone Consultation

An initial 30 minute telephone converstaion is free of charge.  The purpose of this telephone conversation is to review parent concerns, obtain specific concerns and childs level of functioning, provide a parent with other resources and recommendations as well as answer any questions  about speech-language development, Elissa’s services. setting up an evaluation or therapy program.  Elissa is also available via telephone to reviewi a client’s current therapy program to provide additional advice or suggestions; discussing the client’s progress and reviewing Individual Education Plans (IEP).  Any combination of Caregivers and/or treating therapists are welcome to participate in the phone consultation.

Telepractice or Live Videoconferencing (via Skype):

Videoconferencing and telepractice is available for families who are long distant or prefer not to commute. It can address any of the areas listed in “comprehensive evaluation”, “consultation”, and/or “1:1 treatment” above or also include demonstrations of therapy activities.  If a family has specific questions on how to implement a technique or questions regarding a client’s responsiveness to a technique, these can be modeled “live” during the video conference. Caregivers and treating therapists are always encouraged and welcome to participate.  Details regarding which media option works best for your household will be determined prior to the conference time/date.  

Video Review

A video of the client may be submitted for feedback.  This is an option for clients/families who feel most comfortable recording a therapy activity in their familiar home environment without the pressure of a live videoconference.  A 45-50min session will be blocked by the clinician to watch the provided video and write up detailed feedback.  Prior to submitting a video the areas of concern/question will be determined to ensure the necessary footage is submitted.  Videos may be mailed directly to the office OR can be shared online.

What is Telepractice or Online Speech Therapy?

It is one of the most exciting and advanced method of providing speech therapy to individuals anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer with a webcam, microphone, and high speech internet connection. Therapy sessions take place face-to-face in real time. 

Why use Speech Telepractice Services?

There are many benefits to using Speech Telepractice Services:

  • Services can take place in the privacy of your own home or office.
  • No travel time or expense.
  • Services can take place any location with high speech internet connection.
  • Telepractice is efficient and effective.